Confusion about the protective masks.

Confusion about the protective masks

There seems to be some confusion and rumors about these masks. The rumors is that they don’t protect you from getting the Covi 19 virus.

( this post is not made to promote the sale of our masks, but to inform our customers of our own experience living in the epicenter of the outbreak.In the Hubei province ) We don’t need to promote our masks as they sell out quicker than we can restock!

That is in part true, but they do protect you to some extent, so you don’t breathe these droplets if someone sneezes or cough close to you.
The biggest protection these mask offer is if a person is infected with the Covi 19 and wears a mask the changes of infecting other people is greatly reduced.
It is proven that we can be infected with the Covi 19 virus without showing any signs of symptoms and that is in my view reason enough to wear a mask as to protect people around me
We live in China and have been doing that for many years and Chinese do not usually wear these masks. Before in the heavy polluted cities like Beijing you may see some wearing a mask, but not many.
Now everyone here have to wear a mask and I am personally happy about that, as it makes me feel more secure when out and about.
Stay safe and keep distance out there.


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