Supply and Shipping news

Supply and Shipping news

Now China is opening up and supply and shipping are mostly as before for the products we offer.
As you can see on our website we have decided to offer some protective gear to our customers.
We know that this it’s unusual for a vape shop, but we also know that these products are in short supply in most part of the world and we have been able to get some of this to offer for our customers.
As this is a sad time for everyone we are keeping the prices down to a minimum, as we think this is a time to support each other worldwide and not a time to try to make huge profits.
Regarding these protective products. If anyone need a large quantity, please contact us for a quote
The reason that we can offer these products now is that many factories here in China changed their production and started making masks 2 months ago instead of their usually production, such as clothes, shoes, ect. and worked 24 hours a day.
Regarding our normal products the VAPE GEAR, we have most of it in stock and the Pre/Order products will only have 1 to 2 weeks delay of release,
The newly added Protective gear can be seen here.             

Stay safe and look after each other out there.

Double sided Medical Face Mask Shield

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